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This is a complete overview of all our active REAL WIFE blogs: The following blogs show selfmade sexy photos and videos of hot and sexy real married wives - shot by their husbands as well as wife selfies. Some wives show it all, others are more shy. You can find nude wife videos and pics as well as wives dressed in sexy lingerie.


Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: September 2013, featuring 3259 pics and 57 videos, Followers: 2670

"loving to show off my beautiful wife. You 're gonna be welcome to my blog."

Anna's Wife Pics and Videos


Nude Wife
Nude Wife

Started: June 2014, featuring 2090 pics and 6 videos, Followers: 920

"Although not taking an active part in this site, and not replying to comments,HNW has decided to let me take new shoots of her.So I will be posting new shoots as we do them, plus oldies and goldies."

Hotnudewife1961's Wife Pics and Videos

Blyddyn9 & Chinchilla

Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: February 2013, featuring 334 pics, Followers: 206

"Hi, I'm Blyddyn, which is Welsh for "Little Wolf." A house-husband, married to Chinchilla, and I'm a damn good cook. I also write poetry, some of it erotic, which can be found on Deviant Art - my nickname there is the same as here, just lose the 9."

Blyddyn9 & Chinchilla's Wife Pics

Jimmyb & Alyce

Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: December 2012, featuring 254 pics and 8 videos, Followers: 449

"I love viewing women. there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman."

Jimmyb & Alyce's Wife Pics and Videos

Fit Or What

Nude Wife
Nude Wife

Started: July 2012, featuring 240 pics, Followers: 1046

"Visit the blog!"

Fit Or What's Wife Pics

Mmmounds & Hubby

Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: April 2013, featuring 90 pics, Followers: 326

"Hi I’m Mmmounds. Hubby and I are a Stag and Vixen couple."

Mmmounds & Hubby's Wife Pics


Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: August 2013, featuring 49 pics and 1 videos, Followers: 616

"Enjoy the blog!"

Nonnymaus's Wife Pics and Videos

Tarna & Playtime

Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: January 2013, featuring 40 pics and 3 videos, Followers: 2036

"I love to take pictures of my wife. It's such a turn on to show her off here and have some anonymous fun."

Tarna & Playtime's Wife Pics and Videos


Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: July 2013, featuring 26 pics, Followers: 1929

"Love all the comments keep them cuming !!! Thanks to Voyeurclouds and my followers for making this such a fun place......"

Gotmilf's Wife Pics


Amateur Wife
Amateur Wife

Started: September 2014, featuring 15 pics and 4 videos, Followers: 247

"" Public Wife Slut " Pussy for Anyone . Cum-Slut-Wife ."

Reddfuck's Wife Pics and Videos

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