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Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: December 2012, featuring 450 pics and 29 videos, Followers: 1242

"I'm Pixellator, husband of the lovely Mrs. Pix, the focus of this little online collection."

Pixellator's Couple Pics and Videos


Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: February 2015, featuring 461 pics, Followers: 768

"I enjoy posting and showing you all the fun I have. I love going shopping for lingerie and bathing suits."

Albemarle24's Couple Pics


Open Minded Couple
Open Minded Couple

Started: September 2016, featuring 218 pics and 31 videos, Followers: 591

"Hi we are a couple that's been together since 2000, and taking pics that long as well . We live on the west coast of Canada ."

1westcoastcouple's Couple Pics and Videos

Scuba & Mrs Scuba

Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: September 2013, featuring 179 pics and 30 videos, Followers: 204

"Our amateur sex pics. Enjoy my blog too!"

Scuba & Mrs Scuba's Couple Pics and Videos


Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: August 2014, featuring 173 pics and 1 videos, Followers: 784

"We are a happily married couple in our 40's. We enjoy taking and posting our pictures, in the hope that you will all enjoy them too."

Petersmrs's Couple Pics and Videos

Sexxxy Hooker.

Horny Couple
Horny Couple

Started: May 2013, featuring 139 pics, Followers: 393

"Horny middle age couple that love flashing and public sex!"

Sexxxy Hooker.'s Couple Pics

Mp1 & M & G

Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: January 2014, featuring 128 pics and 2 videos, Followers: 397

"maried coyple from peloponisos Hellas 55&50y.o like me new expiriance Don't forget visit my blog!"

Mp1 & M & G's Couple Pics and Videos

Dorothea & Wolf

Mature Couple
Mature Couple

Started: September 2014, featuring 126 pics, Followers: 271

"We are an older couple which enjoys some secrets we do in our sex life. We love taking pictures during some walks in our nature."

Dorothea & Wolf's Couple Pics

Nooneknows & Pink

Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: February 2014, featuring 100 pics and 5 videos, Followers: 198

"Just a regular couple with regular good time sex. Enjoy the blog!"

Nooneknows & Pink's Couple Pics and Videos


Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: August 2015, featuring 95 pics, Followers: 1258

"Thank YOU for all your Comments . SOOOO LOVELY ."

Rollers's Couple Pics


Showoff Couple
Showoff Couple

Started: April 2017, featuring 74 pics and 15 videos, Followers: 271

"Just like to show off now and then I love your comments please keep them cumming."

Horny420's Couple Pics and Videos

Beth & Will

>Amateur Couple
Amateur Couple

Started: October 2015, featuring 44 pics and 43 videos, Followers: 769

"When we started on VCity, Beth wanted to know if she could still turn people on, and Will wanted to know if men (or women!) would want her. We never had the courage to do this before."

Beth & Will's Couple Pics and Videos

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