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This is a complete overview of all our active GIRL and GIRLFRIEND blogs: The following blogs show selfmade sexy photos and videos of erotic and sexy girls - some of them posting many hot and nude selfies of themselves.

Nick And Friends

Amateur Girls
Amateur Girls

Started: May 2013, featuring 608 pics and 24 videos, Followers: 996

"We all love to take, share and swap erotic photos and videos with other women and couples. I have a number of "special" friends that help me with my contributions as I travel away a lot."

Nick And Friends's Girl Pics and Videos


Oversexed Girl
Oversexed Girl

Started: May 2015, featuring 227 pics and 40 videos, Followers: 437

"Oversexed 40 something female who likes to have a little fun and feel a little sexy from time to time."

Clevernamehere's Girl Pics and Videos

Sexy Latina & Sexy Latina

Nude Latina Girl
Nude Latina Girl

Started: January 2016, featuring 239 pics and 10 videos, Followers: 872

"Enjoy my naked Petite Latina body! Love to hear the comments!"

Sexy Latina & Sexy Latina's Girl Pics and Videos


Indian Girls
Indian Girls

Started: March 2013, featuring 129 pics, Followers: 627

"Iam what Iam and thats what Iam You're gonna be welcome to the blog! Enjoy!"

Fawad291071's Girl Pics

Tanned Princess

Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl

Started: May 2013, featuring 99 pics, Followers: 921

"Sexy pics of myself"

Tanned Princess's Girl Pics


Sexy Girlfriend
Sexy Girlfriend

Started: January 2013, featuring 93 pics, Followers: 873

"my beautifull and sexy greek girlfriend, she discovered that she loves to show her curvy body! Visit our blog."

Mboyfriend's Girl Pics


Amateur Girl
Amateur Girl

Started: February 2014, featuring 60 pics, Followers: 1413

"I like the sun, I like beach, I like micro bikini, and also to be naked. On the beach I love to tease, to get attention."

Clo's Girl Pics


Amateur Girl
Amateur Girl

Started: November 2014, featuring 35 pics and 8 videos, Followers: 1435

"Hard to believe that I started posting photos flashing my breasts almost a decade ago, and that was the start of explorations that led to hotwifing and threesomes and cuckold play with my husband. My breasts have gone from B cup to D cup since I first began posting in 2010."

Mika's Girl Pics and Videos

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