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This is a complete overview of all our active GIRL and GIRLFRIEND blogs: The following blogs show selfmade sexy photos and videos of erotic and sexy girls - some of them posting many hot and nude selfies of themselves.

Sandy & Elber

Sexy Mexican Girl
Sexy Mexican Girl

Started: December 2012, featuring 2038 pics, Followers: 2006

"WELCOME..... Soy Elber y mi deliciosa mujer es Sandy"

Sandy & Elber's Girl Pics


Amateur Girl
Amateur Girl

Started: June 2012, featuring 567 pics, Followers: 352

"very hot woman. You're gonna be welcome to my blog!"

Shory's Girl Pics

Erotic Amateurs

Amateur Girl
Amateur Girl

Started: July 2012, featuring 519 pics, Followers: 812

"my blog. enjoy your stay."

Erotic Amateurs's Girl Pics

Nick And Friends

Amateur Girls
Amateur Girls

Started: May 2013, featuring 474 pics and 11 videos, Followers: 802

"We all love to take, share and swap erotic photos and videos with other women and couples. I have a number of "special" friends that help me with my contributions as I travel away a lot."

Nick And Friends's Girl Pics and Videos


Bi-Sexual Girl
Bi-Sexual Girl

Started: July 2014, featuring 230 pics and 1 videos, Followers: 1855

"I'm a 5'9 bi-sexual married female who loves the special attention & "licks" I receive from everyone here. Teasing, Flashing & letting guys look up my skirt in public is a HUGE turn on for me."

Grace's Girl Pics and Videos


Busty Amateur Girl
Busty Amateur Girl

Started: April 2017, featuring 171 pics and 3 videos, Followers: 276

"I Love to Share some Phantasies With you. Live in Austria."

Saranda's Girl Pics and Videos


Sexy Amateur Girl
Sexy Amateur Girl

Started: March 2014, featuring 166 pics and 5 videos, Followers: 1435

"Thanks for veiwing my blog. I don't have a lot of time to respond but I always get excited when I read your comments."

Alliecat's Girl Pics and Videos

Ms Catherine M

Exhibitionist Girl
Exhibitionist Girl

Started: March 2013, featuring 115 pics and 5 videos, Followers: 640

"I'm a cautious exhibitionist who loves it when my man bosses me around in bed (or in the living room, bathroom, outside..;-). Loves having my tits sucked and my ass smacked."

Ms Catherine M's Girl Pics and Videos


Oversexed Girl
Oversexed Girl

Started: May 2015, featuring 95 pics and 22 videos, Followers: 328

"Oversexed 40 something female who likes to have a little fun and feel a little sexy from time to time."

Clevernamehere's Girl Pics and Videos

Horsepower & Sexy Latina

Nude Latina Girl
Nude Latina Girl

Started: January 2016, featuring 104 pics and 7 videos, Followers: 523

"Enjoy my naked Petite Latina body! Love to hear the comments!"

Horsepower & Sexy Latina's Girl Pics and Videos


Indian Girls
Indian Girls

Started: March 2013, featuring 98 pics, Followers: 515

"Iam what Iam and thats what Iam You're gonna be welcome to the blog! Enjoy!"

Fawad291071's Girl Pics


>Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl

Started: January 2016, featuring 90 pics, Followers: 906

Belladonna's Girl Pics


>Sexy Girlfriend
Sexy Girlfriend

Started: January 2013, featuring 86 pics, Followers: 665

"my beautifull and sexy greek girlfriend, she discovered that she loves to show her curvy body! Visit our blog."

Mboyfriend's Girl Pics


>Girl Voyeur
Girl Voyeur

Started: January 2015, featuring 75 pics, Followers: 235

"Watching girls in Oregon. I am male & single and enjoy taking photos of sexy girls in public."

Girl-Watcher's Girl Pics

Bella Rossa

>Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl

Started: February 2016, featuring 75 pics, Followers: 304

Bella Rossa's Girl Pics

Hot Stacy

>Sexy Girlfriend
Sexy Girlfriend

Started: January 2015, featuring 47 pics and 25 videos, Followers: 728

"This blog is dedicated to my hot and sexy girlfriend Stacy. Stacy loves to show off whenever she is in a good mood."

Hot Stacy's Girl Pics and Videos


>Nude Sexy Girl
Nude Sexy Girl

Started: August 2014, featuring 54 pics and 3 videos, Followers: 501

"Friends. Tribute on my photo and send me, pls."

Catdoit's Girl Pics and Videos


>Busty Girl
Busty Girl

Started: February 2016, featuring 53 pics and 1 videos, Followers: 294

"Featuring nude and seminude pics of myself"

Kja2's Girl Pics and Videos


>Amateur Girl
Amateur Girl

Started: September 2014, featuring 44 pics and 3 videos, Followers: 2319

"Welcome to my blog"

Sammyax's Girl Pics and Videos

Tanned Princess

>Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl

Started: May 2013, featuring 43 pics, Followers: 534

"Sexy pics of myself - sometimes flashing other people."

Tanned Princess's Girl Pics

Selfie Girl

>Girl Selfies
Girl Selfies

Started: March 2016, featuring 23 pics and 2 videos, Followers: 248

"Born in 1969 I'm a bit older than 18. All my photos are originals, and have been taken by me (selfies or with my camera's timer)."

Selfie Girl's Girl Pics and Videos


>Single Girl
Single Girl

Started: March 2016, featuring 22 pics and 2 videos, Followers: 606

"Just recently became a single female , ready to enjoy life again in my mid 50's. Hope some folks like."

Missblondie's Girl Pics and Videos


>Showoff Girl
Showoff Girl

Started: March 2016, featuring 22 pics, Followers: 332

"Hello everyone, here to show off and have a little fun. So be nice and do enjoy the show!"

Nuynui's Girl Pics


>Amateur Girl
Amateur Girl

Started: December 2012, featuring 17 pics, Followers: 1114

"I get excited thinking some of you get a little turned on looking at my pics . I get turned on a lot looking at the results some of you post :) Thanks ."

Jainie's Girl Pics

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