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Trying to start a VC Renaissance

  Mar 2013
 Sat Nov 04, 2017 14:44  by  HH

I just recently posted a comment on a thread and it caused me to reminisce about prior friends.
We have a lot of hot ladies and couples here already, as evidenced by the leaderboard, but we are missing some wonderful folks.
I know this is likely very presumptuous of us but I wanted to see if we could bring back some of the past hot posters and couples that used to be here. Followers that have been on here for a while likely have PMs or emails from these folks. I know we have emails.
So if anyone is willing to reach out to these lost friends in an effort to bring them back, please add a comment to this string.

We’ll get this started.
We will reach out to Sexty&DJ, Macouple, Mav720, MidAtlantic Couple, CanCouple and Jay&Kahara.

Please join us in this grassroots VC effort and let’s see what happens.


  Aug 2012
 Sun Nov 05, 2017 04:43  by  Jammer3

I know that a lot of people have drifted away from this site since it's inception. I have exchanged PMs and emails with some of the members that have left, and knowing the reasons they gave, I doubt they would be receptive to returning. Most have left due to loss of interest in playing here because of changing personal circumstances. But recently, more people are leaving because of dissatisfaction with the site and the lack of support from the admin staff. Perhaps these former members could be brought back to the site with a little encouragement. We have a unique situation here...a community of members that support and encourage each other...which is not easily found anywhere else. Perhaps after being gone for a while, they might have a different perspective on things. If they realize that it's not the admin or the site's ownership that makes this a unique's the members. And to be part of this community it's worth putting up with a little BS and a total lack of interest from the site's admin.

  Jan 2013
 Sun Nov 05, 2017 19:06  by  luvladies

great idea HH and great comments for both you and Jammer . I too would love to get some awesome people back , but realize all we can do is encourage and suggest if we can contact them even. but many have left for a wide variety of reasons , some sadly have been age, health or maybe a relationship change . for me I never want to pressure anyone to post or reveal anything of a personal nature, that is why I love this site as so many give of themselves freely and that is a huge part of being sexy in my mind !! I would like it known to many, and have done so, that even if they don't want to get naked and post , just being a friend and chat suits me as well . I know one gal , and I won't mention her name , that was quite popular but life as it is for all of us , body changes made her self conscience and fear full . to me she is still that sex loving, fun person she was posting , I understand her regrets of showing now, but she is still a person I/we enjoyed tremendously and that interesting mind is still there and would love to stay in touch .
the point is ...if this works and people send emails, tell them first and foremost we are just care for their well being, enjoyed there personality as well as their body and just want them part of our community again in any way they see fit !
and last yes I agree with Jammer ,many of the people I have been so lucky to be acquainted with here are well worth some Vcity BS and you find ways to over come that !!

VRessident VC Exclusive

  Dec 2012
 Tue Nov 14, 2017 01:45  by  Pixellator

Hey ... I'm awesome and I'm still here! :-)

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