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Question: your date agrees to "picture time" for a post. First time for both of you...


  Jan 2013
 Fri Jun 02, 2017 00:39  by  UW91

Question: your date agrees to "picture time" for a post. First time for both of you...

Imagine your date out one night turns to the topic of *this* site and the two of you agree to pose for a picture to post on a newly created blog page in honor of the occasion... Describe the pose you would set up to show the two of you? I'm guessing both women and men have pretty interesting ideas about potential sexy couples' poses :)

last modified on Fri Jun 02, 2017 00:52

  Jan 2013
 Fri Jun 02, 2017 13:42  by  luvladies

great question UW and I await hearing others here and if it is very different from men and women !
first for my pose I am assuming all ground rules have been covered as in degree of sexual acts, what can and can't be shown in body parts and faces, but let for the sake of argument that we are very liberal and agree nothing is off limits. although likely as in most cases there is some very nervous excitement as this is our first attempt.
for a couple shot I'd love our first pose to show our strong sexual attraction to each other and celebrate the fact we enjoy sex with each other !!
again said if this is our first I don't think we jump into a raw sex act like a blowjob or intercourse , I want to slowly introduce myself and my very sexy and lovely lady to all here
my first shot shows me naked sitting on the couch, my beautiful partner is naked from the waist up and kneeling straddling my legs and her succulent breasts fully exposed and close to my face , her one hand holds her long hair back and the other cups a gorgeous titty , graciously offering it to my waiting and wanting mouth!!! nipple hard and erect , she clearly is turned on and the pic shows she is on the sexual "attack "
her short skirt is pulled up exposing a magnificent black thong and sweet ass peek , black stockings with lace tops adorn her fantastic legs and allow a wonderful look at her smooth thighs and firm bum cheeks , of course she has 6" heels on as well !! ...of course this shot would have to be done by a remote
I would want our first shot to capture the passion a couple can have !!


  Jan 2013
 Fri Jun 02, 2017 22:16  by  UW91

I think I'd look to do a little variation on a shot I remember from way back... Chilly night walking in from the date we go straight to the kitchen and with her sweater still on, and her laying forward toward the camera bent over the table, and her hair tossed so that bangs were down over her face to hide it (though we have non-posted ones of expressive faces), and with the ticket stub from the movie still being held in one of her hands while the other hand gripped the edge of the small table, I would be behind her. But in the one to post just the top of my head and forehead showing, as her jeans were clearly pulled down past her hip where you could just make out the contour of her backside, but so that it was obvious that I had to taste her as soon as we got in the front door and had gone down on her from behind... Mmmmm...

Yes, an old favorite scene from my friskier online browsing days :) The sweater, the hair and the fantastic date that would build toward erotic poses with the table for all kinds of support ;) That's what I'd want :)

I hope others write to this thread with their immediate thoughts and ideas for a fantasy image. It's a try to get more to add to the Message Board :)

VRessident VC Exclusive

  Feb 2013
 Sat Jun 03, 2017 08:03  by  Ms Bare

Oooh nice replies gentlemen. I am going to mull this over tonight so I can give my reply this weekend. I've got quite a few ideas but I don't know which I'm willing to share ;)

  Jan 2013
 Sun Jun 04, 2017 15:00  by  luvladies

looking forward to more here indeed ...Ms Bare you are always a fun, sexy , creative and interesting read in your comments, thread posts and interactive dialogue to go along with your divine posts of that beautiful body !! goes toward my thinking to truly be a sexy person there has to be a sexy mind go with it !
I can run thru the whole list of poses I like to see for ladies when they do solo shots as well as my favorites involving couples.....but first and foremost I like "classy naughty"...where you can see that the subject(s) have a degree of respect for themselves. second I like "true to life" ...were you could just simply walk in a room and see the person in that position. pose or in that act . one where you could just see how they got there, how you see then at that moment , and inspire images of "what happened next" of course I love props , lingerie, toys, jewelry, heels , other various sexy clothes, and as UW noted the ticket stud etc to build the story behind the "how this came about"
last I love when I can see the person(s) are being themselves , natural and good pics show that trust me !!


  May 2013
 Sun Jul 16, 2017 13:13  by  excleve

I would think that a first shot would be done in front of a mirror. She would have on one of my dress shirts and I would be naked. The dress shirt is puled open to show lots of cleavage stopping just short of the areola. Her left hand is fiddling with the last button that is still fastened that is stopping her pussy from being exposed I am stand just behind her and to the right a bit. Her right hand is holding my balls and my cock is hidden behind her forearm. My left had is behind her gently pulling her shirt open for the maximum amount of of exposure and in my right hand I am holding the camera and taking the shot. We are both looking each others eyes in mirror she is biting her lower lip and I just have a grin


  Jan 2013
 Tue Jul 18, 2017 00:33  by  UW91

Really wonderful excleve! Excellent!

VC Exclusive

  Dec 2012
 Mon Oct 02, 2017 20:28  by  observer

woman in a man's half open white shirt, great tease instead of explicit act was a fantasy ;)

VRessident VC Exclusive

  Feb 2013
 Mon Oct 02, 2017 23:45  by  Ms Bare

Observer, I love the man's shirt idea. That's so my kind of photo op. Plus I do enjoy wearing men's shirts and tees and nothing else ;)


  Jan 2013
 Tue Oct 03, 2017 20:45  by  UW91

I think this the white dress shirt idea triggers so many picture (and fantasy) ideas. Imagine a strong backlight on it that makes it obvious there's no bra or panty underneath? Whether it's night lighting indoors, or above a city street, or sunlight while walking by a clear pool... The smell of the man's chest lingering on the shirt and firing all sorts of senses in the woman. The extra room in the shoulders so that the arms of the shirt are loose and free and long on the woman. That looseness of fabric that invites exploration. The look of it on her as she dances. The idea of a photo where he's shirtless and she's not; she's pantless and he's not... He wants the last article of clothing off her and she wants the last article of clothing off him (and the picture let's you imagine just how you'd do it!) :) Or at least what you'd 'reveal' next.

  Jan 2013
 Wed Oct 04, 2017 04:16  by  luvladies

awesome words UW91 ......creating strong sexy images and stimulates the mind !!I love the backlight thoughts can see there is no bra and panties and how it accelerates your excitement , yet you say nothing to her about it at that moment , drinking it in and adoring her more ,you know she is unaware the sunlight behind her is betraying her sexy little secret, one she eventually was going to reveal ,the secret that was turning her on being a "dirty girl" !!!!

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