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Pics and videos of your nude wife

How to submit nude wife photos and further recommendations

This community wants to see only your real wife or girlfriend

VCity is not interested at all to see pics or videos of someone copied from the internet. You will be banned from VCity and Voyeurclouds. This community is about real people, real girls, real girlfriends and real wives. There enough copy from a copy from a copy from a copy porn sites out there - go there and have fun!

What do you need from VCity to start posting?

All you need is a free VCitizen account! You don't even have to register your email addy. However we strongly recommend to register a valid email addy. Otherwise we cannot help you if you lose your password! You account will remain unaccessible! And of course you must have the consent of your wife to post her pics! That's common sense but still worth to mention.

Start slow

Once you have a free account, make sure you upload a profile pic and your profile text. Check out others' profile page to see what they wrote! Your profile text will be linked to every of your postings and our viewers would like to know a little bit about your wife and you!

Now you are ready for your first upload. Start slow please! Do not flood our walls with 20 pics or videos in a row. Post two or three pics or videos and wait for the first feedback. See what others tell you and reply to them! Check out your guestbook and the chat. Click on every button you see and try out all menu links to get a better understanding! There is nothing you can damage! Take your time and explore VCity and its features.

Your first nude wife pics

nude wife teaser photo

The golden rule is to start with a few teaser pics and not to show her fully nude on her first pics. Actually posters who start their blogs with fully nude women spreading their legs are kind of suspicious and very often identified as internet copies really quick.

If your wife believes that her butt is sexy then start with a few butt pics. Or boob pics. Of course she can wear sexy lingerie, shorts or whatever she likes. Don't worry: it will not take long until gazillions of viewers will talk her into posing fully nude.

What about showing her face?

wife facial photo

There is no need to show her face. Many posters do not show her face at all and are still very popular. Some others only show her face to paying members (VRsesidents). The decision of showing her face or not is completely up to you!

However you should always remember: If you do not want to show her face then take your pics or videos in a way that you do not have to blur her face. Ask her to turn away, to wear a mask or whatever - always take pics or videos which do not show her face rather than trying to blur her face later on. Photoshopped pics and vids always look kind of silly.

There are few photo and video contests that require her to show her face, like for example a BJ video contest. On the other hand we are always featuring contests themes which do not require her to show her face.

Simply be creative!

Nude Amateur Wife 'Tech Quality'

poor quality nude wife pic

Being an amateur is not an excuse to deliver small, blurry, grainy, out of focus pics or upside down videos of your nude wife! That's not amateurish but lousy - period!

If you pics are grainy, blurry or out of focus: Do not upload those pics! Please do not waste our resources and our viewers' time with low quality footage. Any digital camera bought within the last 10 years is able to deliver sharp high resolution photos and videos. If your footage looks blurry it is your personal problem - it is not your camera neither our systems. You can always ask other VCitizens for help!!

Simple poses and simple camera positions

nude wife full frontal

If you are a newbie to nude wife photography, simply remember this easy rule: The camera should alway be at the same level as her belly! That means you (the photographer) have to bent down. If you shoot your wife from above, her legs will look much shorter then they are and her butt will look much bigger! And then: Do not only pay attention to your wife but also to the background. Remove any lose items in the background and avoid a "trailer park" background. Last rule: Light light light!! Turn on the "avoid red eye" flash function and use as much other lights as possible! You can always improve later on. Start your photo experience with easy nude photos!

Also worth to mention: Do not try to become a photoshop artist! In 99% of all cases any type of filters or effects will make your nude wife's pics look silly and not artistic! If our viewers would like to see artsy nude art, they visit an art museum...and not your blog!

This is just a quick introduction. If you would like to add to this page or have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM Igor on VCity!

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