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 Pantyless In Public Contest 

This amateur photo and video contest has been closed! It went 03 Jun 2013 from until 03 Jul 2013.

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The photo or video should show at least one women, who does not wear any panties while in public. There must be no doubt, that the photo/video was taken in public - which means there must be people around. And it must have been taken at a place, where women usually wear panties. Beaches and pools etc do not count! However there is no need to show her assets to public: For example a "under the table photo" of her sitting pantyless in a restaurant is fine as well as a "bottomless" photo taken on the co-driver seat of the car. Happy shooting and good luck!!


The five mostly liked VResidents will receive 30, 20, 20, 20, 10 days of free VResidency on top of the duration of their memberships. The membership must be valid on the day that the winners are being announced. It does not matter whether the posting was done for "VResidents only" or for "VCitizens" or for "Unregs". (Unregs cannot "like" anyways!)


1. You must cover the theme.
2. The photo or video should not be a repost from your blog — those will be disqualified!
3. Only VResidents and VCitizens can participate.
4. On posts which are posted for VResidents every "like" received will count as "2 likes": We have two times more VCitizens and this is reflected when calculating the likes of posts with different target groups.

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