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 Miss Caliente Contest 

The photo must not show any explicity, like pussy or sex. The photo must show one woman in a vacation like environment. The photo must not show any logo or names of any resort or hotel.
Participants: [ All Contest Entries ]
1. The photo should not be a repost from your blog!
2. Only VResidents and VCitizens can participate.
"free weekend stay at the resort", 20, 20, 20, 10 days of free VResidency
The first place entitles the winner and guest to 3 days and 2 nights luxury vacation at Caliente Resort Tampa, next following four mostly liked VResidents will receive 20, 20, 20 and 10 days of free VResidency on top of the duration of their memberships. The membership must be valid on the day that the winners are being announced.


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Closed. The Happy End.

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