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Retro's Amateur Wife Photo Blog: Hard Nipples Photo

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Retro: Just tits!

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Retro ( )



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"You're gonna be welcome to our blog!"


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Retro's Amateur Wife Photo Blog

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flag as inappropriate Dirkdiggler7122    Oct. 1, 2017VResident
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Stunning boobs! Your nipples look delightful

flag as inappropriate jackin    Jan. 14, 2017VResident
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flag as inappropriate rollers    Nov. 26, 2016VResident
VCity Userpic

Perfect Nipples !

flag as inappropriate robuck    April 28, 2016

Oh please! If I could just suck on those for a day!

Mr Robuck

flag as inappropriate OSURE    Jan. 17, 2016

O. O. What A GREAT Set Of Nipples,To Have My Mouth, On, All Night, And Most Of The Next Day. YES. YES> ???????

flag as inappropriate TicOrToc    Dec. 28, 2015

"just"? Don't downplay them, those are gloriously sexy tits ;-)

flag as inappropriate proud hubby    Dec. 26, 2015

Nice tits

flag as inappropriate alfons    July 25, 2015
VCity Userpic

Very beautiful tits & hard nipples Retro - not JUST TITS.

flag as inappropriate Sexy M with The Doctor    July 20, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Welcome back, you have been greatly missed.
Not JUST TITS but Amazing sexy tits with awesome nipples. Phew
Don't stay away for so long next time.

flag as inappropriate Bingy    July 20, 2015

Great tits! How big are they? Your nipples are magnificent!

flag as inappropriate Copper    July 20, 2015VResident

They are simply MAGNIFICENT!!!!

flag as inappropriate 946    July 20, 2015

Just gorgeous

flag as inappropriate BigBadJohn    July 20, 2015

The senior ladies star has returned in all her glory! Great tits, unbelievable nipples!

flag as inappropriate Michael F.    July 19, 2015

You have won my heart and my vote, Retro. Best nips on the site! Beautiful!

flag as inappropriate bowtie    July 19, 2015

Luv your tits. I would luv to suck your beautiful hard nipples. Thanx for posting your lovely tits again, keep them cummin.

flag as inappropriate Satchmo    July 19, 2015

OMG, your tits are beautiful! Incredible nipples! You should have posted as a Resident, Retro. The contest rules are unfair and totally favor Residents. You would have an excellent chance of winning the Hard Nipples contest but have little chance as a Citizen. Good luck anyways and PLEASE post many more pics!

flag as inappropriate Al    July 19, 2015

Your lovely nipples are still among VC's finest, Retro.

flag as inappropriate NipLuvR    July 19, 2015

My favorite nips! Please post more often!

flag as inappropriate scotsman    July 19, 2015

You have such stunning nipples, Retro! You really must post more often.

flag as inappropriate Peckerhead Pete    July 19, 2015
VCity Userpic

Phenomenal nips! Gawd I would love to suck on them,

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 19, 2015
VCity Userpic

just big, beautiful tits and the best nipples on VC! Welcome back to the Champ! Just wish you had posted as a Resident. Such gorgeous, gorgeous nips!

 Retro    July 20, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

A composite with CanGal would be great! If she is game, so am I!!!

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Great! Here's hoping that CanGal will participate! You have such big, beautiful nipples, Retro! Amazing!

flag as inappropriate Beamer    July 19, 2015

Great tits and amazing nipples

flag as inappropriateCanGal    July 19, 2015

The BEST of the senior ladies has returned! Welcome back, Retro! Your big breasts and amazing nipples are absolutely awesome!

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 19, 2015
VCity Userpic

The best two of the senior ladies and you look so good together. May I do another composite of the two of you together and post it?

 Retro    July 20, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Thanks, but I think yours breasts are the best!!! My nipples, well they are good to play with, both me and others!

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

OMG, who wouldn't want to play with those gorgeous, big nipples! As far as breasts, let's do a composite and compare. Retro has agreed, CanGal. Are you game?

flag as inappropriateCanGal    July 20, 2015

You will never have any problem finding someone to play with those lovely, big nipples, Retro including SeniorJack who is currently drooling over them! Thanks for your flattering comment about my breasts but I think that you are best there too. However, despite my vow to not post in composites again, how can I turn down Jack's invitation to be beside you, the star performer of our age category, in a composite? Go for it, SeniorJack. Should we send him new pictures, Retro or identify ones from our blogs for him or just let him let him select from those on our blogs?

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Thank-you, ladies! I'm delighted! That is why you two are the best of class. You are so co-operative and I can always count on you for a friendly match-up. Please let me know the pics that you want to use.

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 22, 2015
VCity Userpic

Well, what pictures have you ladies decided to use?

flag as inappropriateCanGal    July 22, 2015

I just sent you one, Jack. I prefer pics that have not been posted before but I'm OK either way. You can use this one or choose any from my blog. Whatever Retro wants to do is fine with me.

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 24, 2015
VCity Userpic

What have you decided, Retro? Are you going to send a new photo or should I just select one from your blog?

flag as inappropriate SeniorJack    July 26, 2015
VCity Userpic

Retro? What say I use this photo? It has done extremely well!

flag as inappropriate buckaroo    July 19, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Great tits !! The only way they could look better is if they were wrapped around my cock.

flag as inappropriate G Star    July 19, 2015VResident to see more of your curves! X

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    July 19, 2015
VCity Userpic

Just great tits!!!! :-)

flag as inappropriate solodolo    July 19, 2015
VCity Userpic

Just beautiful I say!

flag as inappropriate Jorvik    July 19, 2015

great tits and those nipples are amazing

flag as inappropriate jeep#1    July 19, 2015
VCity Userpic

Just gorgeous! !!

flag as inappropriate Docker59    July 19, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

.......and beautiful tits and nipples they are!!

flag as inappropriate justrite    July 19, 2015

Not just tits,them tits are awesome,I would like to play them like a banjo.

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