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Masturbation Selfie Videos

How to record and further recommendations

During the last months we noticed a tremendous increase in female masturbation selfie videos. The following general guidelines should help you to avoid common errors when recording those

What is a female masturbation selfie video?


A masturbation selfie video means that she sets up the cam, enjoys herself and then submits (if she likes the result) the video to VCity. It does not mean that her husband is watching her and giving her instructions how to pleasure herself! He can watch the result later on. Any masturbation selfies with him standing somewhere in the background "trying to help" look somehow posed and unreal. Don't tell him about your plans, lock him out - or do your masturbation video selfie at a time when he is not present.

Preparing the masturbation selfie recording

We have seen the same little common mistakes over and over again. Step 1: Turn off the radio, close the window and turn off any fan or any other device which produces noise. You might not even notice the noise...later on any background noise will appear on your video much louder than you thought!!!

Step 2: Turn on as many lights as possible. Avoid any light coming directly from across the camera. Step 3: Put the camera at a place, which will not start to move once your body moves. For example: If you plan to pleasure yourself on your bed, do not put the camera on your bed, but place the camera on a chair in front of your bed. Depending on your masturbation position, you want to make sure your camera aims at the right spot. Especially if you do not want to show your face! Step 4: Start recording with your camera, go into your desired position for a few seconds and then check the result. You do that until your are happy with your short test recording!

Your first easy masturbation selfie

easy masturbation selfie position

Sit down on a chair and place the camera on a chair across your pussy. Make sure there is enough light.

The result will be basically a masturbation selfie closeup video of your crotch. You don't have to worry about looking good on your first masturbation selfie. Just pleasure yourself, look at the result and you will be surprised how easy it was!

Do not add effects or any video filters to your video - it is fine as it is!

Show a little bit more

masturbation selfie on the floor

If you feel comfortable to show a little bit more of yourself, try out the on-the-floor position. You do not have to worry about a shaking bed or where to place the camera. Simply place the camera across your pussy, around 1.5 meters (4 to 4 feet) away and there you go.

More sophisticated masturbation selfie positions

riding dildo masturbation selfie video

Once you start liking the idea of publishing masturbation selfie videos of yourself, you can easily become more creative:

However nobody expects you to start doing kinky or artistic solos. The two major elements for creative masturbation selfie videos are: 1. Where do you position the camera? 2. How do you position your body?

There are endless possibilities. For example you can ride a dildo. Do you position the camera in front of you or towards your rear? Or you go into the doggy position: Do you put the camera behind yourself or beneath yourself? Ever thought about pleasuring yourself while standing? With or without a toy? Dressed or fully nude? And and and...

Masturbation selfie contests

Since 9 months VCity has always at least one masturbation related theme contest. There was "your favorite toy", followed by "masturbation selfie video", "handsfree solo fun" and more..

None of these themes require you to show your face and you are always able to submit one or more selfie videos. If you need any further good ideas, simply check out the ranks pages of all related past and current theme contests!

This is just a quick introduction. If you would like to add to this page or have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM Igor on VCity!

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