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Un-fucking -believable !!!!

  Jan 2013
 Wed Aug 29, 2018 01:58  by  luvladies

this has gone beyond belief on this site !! we were just gifted with the return of one of the worlds most beautiful sexy ladies in Vanessa. A fantastic gorgeous, sex loving lady that did everything with poise, pure top shelf class and awesome grace even when she was being incredibly naughty and now our resident maggot is fucking with her comments...fucking back off her posts !! Words can't say what a jerk and asshole you are !! STOP this bullshit !!! what the hell has she done to you ? she earns every lick and comment she gets !! you have went to far !!! quite your vindictive ways ....and oh btw there was a reason you were spurned here in the first place ...and it was beyond the quality of your was your asshole personality that showed in your posts thru that turned people off and you did not get the desired response and it is still showing what a scumbag you are and you need to fuck off NOW !!! I am going to find a way to wake someone up at admin and get your ass buried !! stop screwing with our honest great ladies and this site !!!

  Jan 2013
 Sun Sep 16, 2018 17:50  by  luvladies

this fucking shit has happened again and has to STOP now !! we can not lose Vanessa over a complete scumbags vindictive revengeful jealous vendetta !! this is further proof of HHD sole profile attacking innocent posters that get lots of licks and followers to try and satisfy a senseless agenda !!
proof ..YES ....who in their right mind would have reason to attack one of the most lovely, sexy and incredible posters VCity has seen , who has done zero to anyone here other than provide us with some of the most erotic photography ever and entertain all our senses showing us this amazing beautiful sexy woman ! and top it off with awesome sincere genuine replies !
who ??? ...well I can tell you who did this !!! absolute immature revenge filled asshole that is jealous of the well earned and honest licks Vanessa gets!!!! a person that feels scorned here because they could not "compete" with her superb beauty and poise and fantastic personality
that is hitting back at the site thru disrupting legit posters , ...they post fake reposts as part of their sick "group" and shower them with comments from fake profiles , and even go as far a delete comments on these posts to make it look like they ar being wronged as well !! a plan we all see thru crystal clear !! go away now stop your twisted games , you are not wanted here !!


  Feb 2013
 Tue Sep 18, 2018 08:58  by  DeadCalm

Well the site has now been flooded with fake posts and nothing is getting done about it by the mysterious site admin, fake links, fake posts, shitty WhatsApp links, absolutely no Admin anywhere, we are done and have gone back to Redclouds

  Jan 2013
 Wed Sep 19, 2018 02:20  by  luvladies

sorry to hear that , but understood .........the assholes have taken over !!! this was once the best site on the net when it was a happy community of fun people !!!


  Jan 2013
 Wed Sep 19, 2018 14:41  by  clark

Agreed! How were these posts even accepted? I am no age judging expert but these models appear to be dangerously close to being under age.

VC Exclusive

  Jul 2018
 Fri Sep 21, 2018 04:11  by  Blitz2

With no way one running the site...anything can happen.

  Jan 2013
 Sun Sep 23, 2018 02:48  by  luvladies

this site is not going down without a fight from me ...climb aboard folks , take back the site I any way we can !! stop the bullshit on both sides and lets rise this community from the apparent ashes here !! everyone follow the rules and after rule two is follow the rules and after that if everyone does show people respect !!

  Jan 2013
 Sat Sep 29, 2018 03:52  by  luvladies

kudos to Vanessa and Richard .....they keep graciously posting even though this hacker little puke continues to delete the comments , but right is prevailing and they pile up huge lick totals regardless ...proving you can't put honest good people down !! they earn every lick and all from legit people here and not resort to creating fake profiles to comment (and stupid poorly written and senseless comment at that) on reposted stolen pics.everyone has caught on to this lame individual and his stupid childless acts of revenge and vindictive immature behavior !!
cheers Vanessa you are a goddess Richard thanks so much for sharing your incredible treasure !! keep up the fight and you are adored by many and can't be put down by this fool !!

last modified on Sun Sep 30, 2018 03:25

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