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  Mar 2013
 Mon Dec 11, 2017 13:38  by  Moxie

I'm a long time viewer from the old VW days who is getting fed up seeing ladies with enhanced boobs. When I check the top VC posters or contest leaders, they are always up there, most notably right now, Sandy Cheeks, HotWife60, Charlotte, Cubmistress, etc. What do people see in these completely unnaturally shaped and often noticeably scarred breasts and nipples, and, if the boobs are phony, what else is artificial? Can there not be a separate category for them? Their rankings are at the expense of many natural ladies who deserve to be there. Just my rant for the day.

  Jan 2013
 Mon Dec 11, 2017 20:04  by  luvladies

i think you are expressing and matter of opinion and it is your right to do so . but the ladies made their choice as well to have the "enhancement and did it with their right to do so! as for leader boards the viewer choose to vote them in to top spots so you can not be critical of that or lobby to have the site change because people exercise their given rights and freedoms !!
my take on this is i look beyond the enhancement and likely many votes/viewers have and see many more attributes these ladies have and that includes being warm, friendly, sharing, caring, giving, and support this site .....many are great repliers and love to engage in some fun, fellowship and add much to the site and buy into the community spirit here !!
my suggestion to you is look beyond the breasts and see the people posting and as well continue to support the ladies you like by all means and if i have not voted for them , give me there nics and i will gladly check them out and if i see fit support them as well as all the ladies here do a fine job , there are far more issues with this site that include fakes and it ain't tits !!

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