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jealous spouse

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  Feb 2013
 Fri Mar 24, 2017 15:14  by  Jen & J

I know alot of people are in open marriages or just having sex with others, but how do you overcome a jealous spouse? I can play with woman, but no man. Love hubby, but just want to this just a mid life crisis thing?

  Jan 2013
 Fri Mar 24, 2017 17:51  by  luvladies

again . jealousy is a very strong emotion and a side effect of strong love ......once present I feel there is no way to "overcome" it , talking may help but asking on a sex site will bring opinions and maybe some one has a solution but as I say when emotions are involved I feel you have a long uphill battle !!

  Feb 2013
 Mon Mar 27, 2017 03:46  by  Jen & J

Thanks...I was afraid of that. It is just so hard seeing everyone fullfill fantasies...

  Jan 2013
 Mon Mar 27, 2017 19:53  by  luvladies

fulfilling as i how Jen ?? i am not sure i'd take everything you hear here as full truth . also see where that gets them down the road in the future .......and last sometime fantasies are the best and living them in the safety and security of ones mind is just as good to your husband and see if he would be content to let you have a horny pen pal that emails you stories and scenes of love making ...and let him read those as well ....include him ...maybe he will see things different and you can progress on from there !!

  Feb 2013
 Fri Mar 31, 2017 06:33  by  Jen & J

Thanks for the reply...maybe you can be pen to share stories!

  Jan 2013
 Fri Mar 31, 2017 13:48  by  luvladies

i'd love that !! I love sharing and hearing sexual experiences and how they shaped how we are today . also love hearing fantasies and ideas, sexy thoughts and very inquisitive hearing and ladies point of view lust, loves thoughts and desires !! I also do love writing erotic stories , inserting people like yourself into scenes or situations many times of their choice as well !! and we can chat if you like

  Feb 2013
 Mon Apr 03, 2017 05:07  by  Jen & J

do you do private messages on the site?

  Jan 2013
 Mon Apr 03, 2017 13:35  by  luvladies

i can only receive!! if the conversation is naughty enough I can handle one sided LOL it regress unfortunately not as I always feel I have lots to say and contribute to fun and frolic !

VRessident VC Exclusive

  Dec 2012
 Fri May 12, 2017 04:51  by  Blitz

Jen...if you need a pen pal I'd gladly volunteer

  Oct 2013
 Fri Jul 06, 2018 00:59  by  Abozo

You might convince spouse to try to fulfill your fantasy in a role playing scenario.
Meet at a bar as strangers and play as two different people from your normal. Maybe he blindfolds you and pretends to be someone you are attracted to. Maybe if he sees your reaction as arousing without feeling like you want someone else forever, he may begin to see the turnon you get. Eventually maybe he will go along.


  May 2013
 Sun Jul 08, 2018 14:15  by  excleve

Jen I see a lot of good advise given to you here. I wish I had Luvladies ways with words. Fantasies are great but my advise is to never do anything behind his back. Once something happens it can never be fully undone. I do not know about the mid life thing because sometimes it starts and a much earlier age and may never go away...... Pm me anytime

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