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Points for posting VResident vs Public

  Mar 2013
 Mon Jan 04, 2016 21:43  by  Voy

Does a poster earn additional points by posting for VResident status ONLY?

I ask here as I don't seem to find any clear information on the site posted for general reading.

VC Exclusive

  Feb 2015
 Mon Jan 04, 2016 23:48  by  HJ

It is suppose to get more but it seems wrong in my eyes as the votes seem to stop at a certain amount lol!!


  Aug 2012
 Tue Jan 05, 2016 08:23  by  Jammer3

I may be wrong, but I believe that there is no difference in the points a member gets for posting for VR members only.You get a points (or a fraction of a point) for a post, for a like, for a comment, for a follow and for posting a reply regardless of whether you restrict your post or not. If you restrict your post to VR members only, you will get less points because you will get less likes and less comments because of the limited access. Just remember no matter how you earned the points, they will begin to evaporate after a month or two...

But if you are referring to the scoring for the contest, the posts that are made for VR only do get their like total multiplied, currently by a factor of 2 I believe. In the early days, it used to be multiplied by 4 but as the VR membership increased, it was lowered. Perhaps some day they will reduce it even further to give CV members a greater chance of earning free VR days.

And you are totally correct in saying that there is no 'official' explanation of how the point system works, which has lead to a lot of frustration and anger throughout the membership.

  Mar 2013
 Thu Jan 07, 2016 03:33  by  Voy

Thanks both of you for your response. I asked as I thought I had a poster mention that they post for VResident Members Only due to the extra points.
It would seem common sense that Igor would have a different point system for VResident posts due to the more limited audience and his desire to motivate visitors to become paid customers; perhaps even more for posters that post in both categories.

Too bad no one in Igor's staff will take a few minutes to clarify in a commonly read section for everyone to be informed.

VRessident VC Exclusive

  Feb 2013
 Fri Jan 15, 2016 17:05  by  Ms Bare

Posters who post to Residents Only do get double the points. I tested it out once on a post in the past. There is an explanation out there somewhere but I don't remember where I read it.

If you take a look at posters who post to both Citizens and Residents Only. There is a difference in the number of likes between Citizen posts and Resident Only posts.

What I've noticed is that if I follow someone who posts as Resident Only at times they get a "like" from me without my having hit the button. This morning I was scrolling my wall and there was a "like" from me on a post I had just seen this morning for the first time.

I don't think it's cool that they get "likes" from me when it's something I've never even seen or it's posts that I don't get into.


  Jan 2013
 Sun Jan 17, 2016 03:06  by  luvladies

this site has such fantastic ladies like you that can show their beauty with ease and speak with common sense !! to bad the site does not realize that and live by it too !!

VRessident VC Exclusive

  Dec 2012
 Fri Jan 22, 2016 04:06  by  Pixellator

Not the anybody in Admin is going to care what I think, but it has always struck me that this differential in "likes" or "points" is if anything, backwards. It is the people who post for EVERYONE who attract visitors to the site to try it out, eventually to become paying members. ALL the money that this site makes is ultimately due to that advertising. Moreover, people sometimes go on about personal risk of exposure and that being a member provides some degree of screening from being "found out" ... well, those who post for all are the ones taking the greater risk to be active contributors here. If there is to be a two-tier system, IMHO, it is the members who post for ALL who should be rewarded for what they do.

  May 2013
 Wed Jul 20, 2016 22:02  by  Naughtyandy4u

"Ms Bare" wrote:Posters who post to Residents Only do get double the points. I tested it out once on a post in ...

I've found that too and have wondered how it can be, almost thought my account was hacked, a lot of them I would like anyway but still as you say it should be in our control.


  Mar 2013
 Fri Sep 16, 2016 15:20  by  e-Rex

I also have the glitch happen where I log in and find new photos pre-licked by me. Haven't had any of those for posts by people I haven't licked before, but it is kind of disturbing. Changed my password several times, making them harder and harder to crack, but still happens.

As for the voting thing, I'd guess it is not a matter of rewarding people for who they post for, but is in part trying to keep it approximately apples to apples in terms of the size of voting pools. Contests could be run for different membership categories, but that would be less fun and interesting in my eyes, and bottom line, the way it works now hopefully encourages more people to pay membership to see everything. The more paying members we have the greater the odds the site can keep solvent. I don't want it to disappear again!!!!!

So maybe we have to think big picture here and get behind what makes this site sustainable and free from advertising and commercial BS?

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